What is the anticipated rental license cost?

A single dwelling rental license is anticipated to cost $80 annually. This would apply to single dwelling units, townhouses, and condominiums. As the program becomes active, and if a new rental is added outside of the annual renewal period, the fee will be pro-rated.

A multiple dwelling rental license for 2023 is currently $18 per unit annually. This applies to apartments, senior living complexes, and similar structures.

The rental licensure period runs from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 of the license year.

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1. How is the City of Woodbury proposing to expand the rental licensing program?
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6. What is the anticipated rental license cost?
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12. When should I be applying for a rental license?
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14. Does the city respond to complaints from tenants?
15. Who is exempt from all or part of any Woodbury rental licensure requirements?
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17. Where can I go for additional information about the rental licensing program?