Who is exempt from all or part of any Woodbury rental licensure requirements?
  • Individual dwelling units, not part of a rental complex, and occupied by an owner(s) and/or qualifying relative(s) that adhere to the definition of family.
  • Nursing homes, or portions thereof, as defined within Chapter 24 of the Woodbury City Code, licensed by the State of Minnesota. 
  • Residential property that has been sold on a contract for deed so long as the vendee occupies the property and the sale document used to memorialize the sale is a Minnesota Uniform Conveyancing Blanks Form or is recorded with the Washington County Recorder's Office and a copy is provided to the City upon request.
  • Rental licensing fees do not apply to a dwelling unit owned by a member of the United States Armed Services who is on active duty and the property is rented to another person during the time of active duty. The owner must provide the City with a copy of the owner's current military orders and must occupy the property as the owner's primary residence when not on active duty.

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14. Who is exempt from all or part of any Woodbury rental licensure requirements?
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