What happens if the lawn watering policy is violated?

The property owner will be issued an administrative citation and fined $50 for the first offense, with the fine doubling with each subsequent offense within the same calendar year.

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1. Why was the lawn & landscape policy changed?
2. When did the update two days per week policy go into effect?
3. How do I know which days to water/which watering zone I am in?
4. How were the irrigation zones determined?
5. I have a private well; do I still need to follow the Lawn Watering Policy?
6. When can homeowner associations irrigate?
7. When can commercial, industrial, institutional properties (schools/churches) irrigate?
8. What if I am planting new seed/sod?
9. I’m worried about my grass dying. How can I protect it?
10. What happens if the lawn watering policy is violated?
11. What about other outdoor water uses?
12. How do I reprogram my irrigation controller?
13. What is the one inch of water per week guideline?
14. The 2021 elevated watering restrictions were enforced during extreme drought conditions. Why do we need these policy changes in a non-drought year?
15. I notice properties irrigating on the sidewalk or street. Can anything be done to reduce this?