Is there an exemption available if you are a landlord that only owns a single rental property in Woodbury?

No, there is no exemption for those who offer only a single residential property for rent in Woodbury. Every rental in Woodbury is treated from the same perspective that renting a property is a business, and doing so requires that certain responsibilities and standards be upheld. 

We understand that some landlords that only own a single unit may benefit from the additional resources and guidance that the rental program can provide. For example, the property maintenance checklist, when implemented, may assist them in identifying property maintenance issues before they become severe and present the opportunity to perform preventative maintenance on their properties. 

While engaging with community members, we also heard from residents who live adjacent to a rental property owned by a landlord who only owns a single property that has property maintenance issues. They felt such an exemption would negate some of the positive effects of the rental licensing program.

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