What is PFAS and how did it get in the water?

PFAS stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. The 3M Company made PFAS at its Cottage Grove facility beginning in the 1940s. They were commonly used in household and industrial products such as stain repellents, lubricants, fire retardants and suppressants, and more. PFAS wastes were disposed of at various locations in Washington County. The source of PFAS in Woodbury's groundwater has been identified as these disposal sites.

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1. What is PFAS and how did it get in the water?
2. Can I drink the water?
3. I have a private well. How do I know if I am impacted by PFAS?
4. How many Woodbury municipal wells exceed PFAS water quality standards and guidelines?
5. Which well is serving my home?
6. How much will the temporary treatment plant cost and how will the project be funded?
7. What type of private, at-home treatment options are available?
8. Why was the temporary treatment plant constructed near Valley Creek Road and Tower Drive?
9. Will the construction of the temporary water treatment plant impact the nearby Tamarack Nature Preserve?
10. I didn't know PFAS was in the water or that a temporary water treatment plant was under consideration. Where can I learn more?
11. What is the long-term solution on treatment for PFAS and when will it be implemented?
12. Who will pay for the long-term solution for treatment of PFAS?