What else should I know?

New homes built with copper pipes are especially susceptible to corrosive water conditions because the copper pipes have not had a chance to become coated inside. As recommended by the MDH, it is best NOT to soften the water in a new house for a period of three to five months after occupancy. This can be done by simply bypassing the water softener's filter medium. See your owner's manual for directions on bypassing your softener. Many new homes are built with PEX and not copper.

The MDH also recommends NOT softening the cold water supply to your kitchen faucet or your outside hose connections. This will significantly decrease the amount of sodium in your diet and save you money by not softening water unnecessarily.

Having your water softener properly set for household size and 13.5 grains of hardness will reduce salt use and increase efficiency in water use by avoiding unnecessary regeneration.

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