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Unwanted Newspaper Delivery

The city has received numerous complaints from residents regarding the weekly delivery of unsolicited newspapers from the Pioneer Press and one of their subsidiaries, the Bulldog Bargains.

In response to these concerns, city staff contacted the Pioneer Press to request deliveries to non-Pioneer Press subscribers be stopped. In addition, Mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens wrote a letter to the Pioneer Press reinforcing the staff’s request.

The delivery of unwanted newspapers to residents is a concern for the city. When the unwanted papers are delivered and residents are not home, the newspapers pile up on the front step, giving clear indication that a home is unattended. Criminals prey on homeowners who are away. In addition, many residents see these deliveries as litter if the paper is left on the property after a resident has officially asked that these papers not be delivered.

The Pioneer Press has instructed its delivery agents to not deliver any publication contrary to a resident’s expressed wishes. At the same time, residents are asked to understand that it’s difficult for the Pioneer Press to control the delivery practices of every delivery agent at all times.

Also keep in mind that the distribution of news and related advertising material is an activity that is protected under the First Amendment, so the city’s control over this activity is limited. 

If you do not wish to receive this publication or if your request to stop delivery is not being honored, you should contact Sharon Yungbauer at the Pioneer Press Circulation Department at (651) 228-5157.