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What is Hands-Only™ CPR?

Who should receive Hands-Only™ CPR?

Why was Hands-Only™ CPR created?

Can you break people's ribs doing CPR?

Is there a danger in jumping in and giving CPR without being trained?

What should I do if I am getting tired while performing Hands-Only™ CPR?

Why don't adults who suddenly collapse need mouth-to-mouth breathing in the first few minutes after their cardiac arrest?

What do I do if I find an adult who has collapsed by no one saw it happen?

Not all people who suddenly collapse are in cardiac arrest. Will CPR seriously hurt them?

Is Hands-Only™ CPR as effective as conventional CPR?

Why did the American Heart Association decide to recommend Hands-Only™ CPR for adults you witness suddenly collapse?

How does this recommendation differ from the AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC?

Is the previous AHA recommendation for bystanders wrong?