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Types of EMS Providers

There are four levels of providers that respond to emergencies in Woodbury. They are, in order of training, from least to highest:

EMT-Basic: This is a 150-hour course of training that includes oxygen administration, splinting, bleeding control, CPR, automatic defibrillation, vital sign monitoring, and basic assessment skills.

EMT-IV Technician: In addition to the EMT-Basic skills, these EMTs start intravenous (IV) lines and perform blood sugar checks. This is an additional 8 to 20 hours beyond the basic training.

EMT-Intermediate: This is an additional 40 to 80 hours beyond the EMT-Basic training. The EMT-I performs all of the skills of the EMT-B and EMT-IV Technician and is trained in further assessment skills and may give a limited number of medications if permitted by medical control.

EMT-Paramedic: This is a minimum of 1700 hours of education and frequently is part of an associate degree program. The EMT-P performs all of the skills of the other levels of EMT in addition to surgical/invasive procedures, administration of multiple medications, EKG interpretation, manual defibrillation, and more in depth assessment skills.

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