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Benchmarks and Community Engagement

Action 1: Use a committee to lead, coordinate and report to community members on implementation of GreenStep best practices.

The Woodbury Environmental Advisory Commission is the lead group helping city staff identify what GreenStep best practices to try implementing next. The commission is organized into subgroups to research specific topics and to find out what resources are available that could help the city move forward with additional practices or actions.

The city has a monthly newsletter (City Update), in addition to the Green Times newsletter, published three times each year. The March 2013 issue of the Green Times featured two articles on Green Step Cities.

On the city staff level, the Sustainability Specialist will be the lead staff person to coordinate GreenStep implementation. The city also has a staff Sustainability Committee made up of at least one staff person from each city department. As new policies and initiatives are developed, the sustainability committee will provide review and comments before implementation.

Action 2: Organize goals/outcome measures from all city plans and report to community members data that show progress toward meeting these goals. 

The city reports comprehensive city metrics annually in its Performance Measurement Report. That report has a small section on sustainability. Staff is working on a sustainability audit of city operations, which will provide a more focused report on sustainability indicators and metrics.

Action 3: Engage community members in a public process that results in city council adoption of and commitment to measure and report on progress toward sustainability indicators.

In 2006, the City Council appointed a temporary Energy Conservation Task Force, which later became the Sustainability Committee (subgroup to the Environmental Advisory Commission). The group made several recommendations to City Council including:

  1. Adopting Sustainability as one of the city’s seven Critical Success Factors
  2. Adopting a sustainability resolution
  3. Hiring  a part-time sustainability specialist
  4. Incorporating sustainability throughout the 2030 Comprehensive Plan. City Council agreed to all of the committee’s recommendations.

The city’s Environmental Advisory Commission was the lead group to recommend to the City Council that Woodbury become a GreenStep City. As part of that discussion, the commission agreed that progress in the program will be reported annually to the City Council, and on a regular basis to the community.

Action 4: Conduct or support a broad sustainability education and action campaign involving:  the entire community, homeowners, block clubs/neighborhood associations, congregations and/or schools and youth.

The city provides a variety of educational materials on the sustainability website at:

The city’s Public Works department spearheaded an educational campaign to promote water conservation through a rain senor giveaway. They also offered free audits to the high water users within the community.

The Environmental Advisory Commission participates in a number of annual events to promote sustainability and environmental education, including:

  • Hosting a booth at the Woodbury Community Expo
  • Partnering with the city’s licensed haulers to provide curbside recycling of bulky items at a discounted rate
  • Sustainability and Landscape Workshops
  • Native Plant Market
  • Hosting a Solar Works Workshop
  • Hosting a tour of the Tamarack Nature Preserve in Woodbury
  • Rain barrel and compost bin sales