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Demand-Side Travel Planning

Action 1: Right-size or eliminate parking minimum development standards and add parking maximums in pedestrian-friendly or transit-served areas.

The city does allow for “proof of parking” on development applications to allow for a reduced number of required parking spaces. “At the discretion of the city, specific parking spaces may be shown as ‘demonstrated’ wherein the property or project can be shown to accommodate the minimum required parking spaces but is deemed to be excessive for the current user of the property” (City Code - Section 24-242).

Action 4: Adopt a travel demand management plan for city employees or incorporate into development regulations TDM or transit-oriented development standards.

The City of Woodbury has a flexible work program allowing many of its employees to start work at various times. They also have variable work days, allowing some employees to work the traditional 5-day (8 hours per day) or 4 days (10 hour work day).