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Efficient City Growth

Action 1: Limit barriers to higher density housing.

In September 2012, the City Council adopted a density bonus policy stating the density increases consistent with the density bonus provisions of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan may be allowed if the proposed project incorporates at least one of the four policy objectives of:

  1. Affordable housing and/or assisted living units
  2. Greenway dedication
  3. Sustainable design
  4. Redevelopment of exception parcels

In the Urban Residential District of the City Code, Section 24-134(f)(3) lists 15 units/acre as the maximum for high density areas.

Action 3: Encourage a higher intensity of commercial land uses

As articulated in the City Code, the purpose of the zoning district B3 “Planned Shopping Center” district is to “allow maximum flexibility in development” This district, which is shown on the official Zoning Map, allows for a minimum lot size of 1.5 acres after subdivision (Section 24-139, paragraph f.1).