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Efficient Existing Private Buildings

Action 1: Create or participate in a marketing/outreach program to promote/achieve residential energy use reduction and energy efficiency.

In 2012, Woodbury was asked by Xcel Energy to be a pilot city in its new Powering Your Community initiative. The goal of the program was to build on existing relationships with residents and businesses and to spread the word about Xcel’s energy conservation programs. The four-month program resulted in 70 visits by the Home Energy Squad. Over the entire year, 320 Woodbury homeowners participated in the program and saved enough electricity and gas to supply 55 homes with a year’s worth of energy. The city also utilizes the sustainability web pages, the Green Times newsletter, and the city’s InTouch email notification system to educate citizens on energy efficiency and conservation throughout the year.

Action 4: Describe energy/water efficiency actions and other green building practices at businesses located within/nearby the city.

Five solar arrays have been installed on Woodbury commercial businesses, totaling 161 kW. There are four privately owned Energy Star buildings in Woodbury, in addition to a school and Woodbury City Hall. The buildings include: Goodwill, Target T0694, The Hartford, Kohls Department Store, Crosswinds School and City Hall. The Washington County Environmental Center has a rainwater reclamation system for irrigation.

Action 5: Conserve drinking/groundwater resources by adopting a watering ordinance, water-wise landscaping ordinance/guidance, or a WaterSense purchasing program. 

The City of Woodbury has an odd/even watering schedule that is in effect year-round. Lawn sprinkling is permitted only before noon and after 5 p.m. regardless of whether it is “your day” to water. The City also has a tiered conservation rate structure for water rates. Based on the amount of water used, residents pay as low as 88 cents per thousand gallons water, and as much as $4.88 per thousand gallons of water.

Residential Utility Rates 

Action 6: Provide a financial or other incentive to private parties who add energy/sustainability improvements or renovate using a green building framework.

The city’s Woodbury Goes Green Loan encourages sustainable and energy-efficient green building practices in the City of Woodbury. Low interest loans up to $5,000 are available to qualified families who earn no more than 115 percent of the median income, capped at $90,000 per household. Eligible improvements include new high-efficiency furnaces or water heaters, improved insulation, new windows with better insulation and efficiency than existing windows and other improvements as pre-approved by the City of Woodbury Housing and Redevelopment Authority. This program may be combined with the Woodbury Home Improvement Fund if applicant households meet the criteria of both programs.