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Efficient Outdoor Lighting and Signals

Action 2: Require all new street lighting to be Dark-Sky compliant and all new traffic signals to be EnergyStar compliant.

The city uses downward directed, sodium vapor street lighting. Section 24.268 of the municipal code states that lighting in parking lots must be downward facing. The purpose of this section includes preventing “unnecessary skyglow.”

Action 4: Coordinate traffic signals and/or optimize signal timing so as minimize car idling at intersections yet maintain safe and publicly acceptable vehicle speeds.

In August 2011, Washington County installed a new coordinated traffic signal control system at along Radio Drive from Afton Road to I94 (10 signals). On Valley Creek Road, the new system spans from Century to Woodbury Drive (14 signals). Along Woodbury Drive signals are coordinated from Park Crossing to I94 (7 signals). There are a total of 58 traffic signals in Woodbury (city, county and state). - 56 are full traffic actuated with vehicle detection - 2 are wood pole with no detection - 14 of the 56 with detection have flashing yellow (an additional 3 will be completed in 2013) There are currently twelve roundabouts within the City of Woodbury.

Action 5: Use LED/solar-powered lighting for a flashing sign or in a street, parking lot or park project.

Pedestrian crossing lights are powered by solar at the intersection of Windom and Interlachen Parkway.

Action 8: Replace the city's existing traffic signals with energy efficient LED or equivalent lighting technologies.

All of the traffic signals in Woodbury have LED lights for the red and green signals. Yellow lights are being replaced with LEDs as replacement is necessary.