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Garbage and Recycling

Residents are free to choose any city licensed residential hauler to collect both trash and curbside mixed or "single sort" recycling pick-up.

The City of Woodbury has an open collection system. Businesses can hire any of the city's licensed commercial trash haulers to collect trash and recycling from the property.

Most Twin Cities businesses are required by law to recycle. Commercial building owners that contract for 4 cubic yards or more per week of solid waste collection must implement recycling of at least three types of materials, such as paper, glass, plastic, metal and organics (e.g. food scrap and paper towels/napkins). 

Minnesota’s Ramsey and Washington Counties started BizRecycling to help businesses become more efficient and promote job growth through protecting the environment. The BizRecycling program provides free resources and assistance to businesses that want to start or enhance programs for reducing waste; recycling items such as paper, bottles, and cans; and/or diverting food and other organic waste.

Woodbury businesses are eligible to receive free help and grant money to get started or to improve their recycling efforts through this program. Visit the BizRecycling website or call (651) 266-1199 for more information.