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Action 2: Facilitate home/community gardens, chickens/bees, and incorporation of food growing areas/access in multifamily residential developments.

Rear gardens are allowed in residential areas within the city as shown in Municipal Code Section 27, Division 6—Landscaping and Lawn care.

Action 3: Inventory and promote local food production/distribution within the city.

Farmers markets are allowed in the city. Standards can be found in Section 24-272 of the municipal code. The Sustainability Idea List on the city’s sustainability website provides information on local farmers markets and CSA (community supported agriculture) sites.

In 2011, the city honored Primrose School of Woodbury with an Environmental Excellence Award for waste reduction efforts in the school and for the implementation of a gardening and nature study program called “Mud Pies,” where an organic garden was established at the school for vegetables, fruit and flowers.

In 2009, Crosswinds school was awarded an Environmental Excellence Award for the planning and development of a rain garden at the school. The development of the garden was incorporated into the school curriculum with students planting the seedlings in class and transplanting them to the garden later that spring.