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Action 1: Organize or participate in a community planning/design process for a mixed use area of the city.

In 2010, the city began an extensive study to develop alternatives for a proposed mixed-use development area. The resulting document, the Urban Village Master Plan, was completed in February 2012. The process for developing the Master Plan allowed for a multitude of opportunity for public input; through open houses for the community, stakeholder meetings, Planning Commission meetings, and City Council meetings. The process was aided by the consultant HKGI, which has a strong background of planning for mixed-use development.

Action 2: Locate or lease a school, city building or other government facility that is adjacent to an existing employment or residential center, designed to facilitate and encourage access by walking and biking, and/or is accessible by regular transit service.

The city’s Central Park facility is adjacent to and provides indoor access to Summer House senior facility and the Woodbury YMCA. City Hall and Central Park are surrounded by a trail network allowing easy access around City Center and between businesses.

Action 3: Modify a planned unit development - PUD - ordinance to emphasize mixed use development or to limit residential PUDs to areas adjacent to commercial development.

Identified in the City Code and also on the adopted Zoning Map, the MX “Mixed Use” District is specifically designed to fully utilize the potential of the PUD as it pertains to mixed-use development. Under Purpose and Scope, it states: “Through the planned unit development conditional use permit process, provide for a mix of complementary and supportive land uses within the project area” (Section 24-147, paragraph a.1).

Action 5: Have a downtown zoning district that allows residential and compatible commercial development.

The Urban Residential District described in section 24-134 of the municipal code allows residential and compatible commercial in areas designated “urban mixed residential” in the comprehensive plan. Section 24-146 describes a Mixed Use Overlay District. The Urban Village mixed use area is in R1.