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Mobility Options

Action 1: Promote walking, biking and transit use by producing/distributing route maps, signage or a web site; documenting increased bike facilities, such as racks, bike stations or showers; adding bus infrastructure, such as signage, benches, shelters, park and ride lots, and real-time arrival data-streaming; increasing the number of employers promoting multiple commuting options, including offering qualified transportation fringe benefits instead of only a tax-free parking fringe benefit; or being recognized as a Walk Friendly or Bicycle Friendly Community.

The city’s Parks and Amenities Map is available online. As part of the standard conditions of approval, commercial developments are required to install bike racks for new development or major renovations.

Action 5: Launch telework/flexwork efforts in city government, businesses or at a local health care provider.

The city adopted a Flexible Workplace Policy, revised in 2004, that allows for some city staff positions to telecommute.