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Natural Landscaping

Minnesota is home to a variety of native plants that provide a low maintenance and beautiful landscape while eliminating the need for fertilizers and excessive water use in your garden. Check out these local resources for more information and ideas on planting your native garden:

Rain gardenLocal Watersheds:
Information on grants or cost-share programs for rain gardens available to Washington County residents can be found on the following watershed websites:

 Native Plant Vendors
*Please note: this list is for informational purposes only. The city does not endorse any native plant vendor over another. 

Current Projects
All native planting restoration projects require existing plants (typically grass and invasive species) to be killed and removed. This allows for areas to be seeded and planted with a diverse mix of native plants. Maintenance may include mowing and burning to reinvigorate growth of the beneficial species, along with spot-spraying to remove noxious weeds. Native plantings often take a few years to “grow up” and “fill in."

Lake Middle School and Middleton Elementary School Greening Project

Pollinator Corridor

Vegetation Management Around Stormwater Basins