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New Green Buildings

Action 1: Require by city policy that new city-owned buildings built in the future use a green building framework.

In October 2009, Woodbury City Council passed a resolution adopting a sustainable building standard for new and renovated municipal buildings in the city. The resolution states that the city will utilize the B3-State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines in the planning, design, construction and commission of new buildings and major renovations greater than 5,000 square feet that are owned by the City of Woodbury. The resolution also states that city staff will consider the feasibility of pursuing Energy Star or LEED certification for the same.

Since the resolution was passed, the city has utilized the B3 guidelines and documented the renovation and expansion of the Public Safety Building and the Bielenberg Sports Complex. In addition, Woodbury City Hall is Energy Star certified.

Action 4: Provide a financial or other incentive to private parties who build new buildings that utilize a green building framework.

In September 2012, the City Council adopted a density bonus policy stating that density increases consistent with the density bonus provisions of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan may be allowed at the sole discretion of the City Council. The City Council may grant a density bonus only through the planned unit development process if the proposed project incorporates at least one of the four policy objectives of:

  1. Affordable housing and/or assisted living units
  2. Greenway dedication
  3. Sustainable design
  4. Redevelopment of exception parcels

As stated in the policy (Section 3: Sustainable Design), to implement the city’s sustainability goals, at the sole discretion of the City Council, a density bonus of 0.5 units per acre may be awarded to developments in which a minimum of 80% of the residential units meet or exceed the requirements of LEED or other similar City-approved ratings program.

Additionally, the City Council reserves the right to grant said sustainable design density bonus to a development that offers additional sustainable design elements not defined herein. A density bonus shall only be granted to a low density development through an approved planned unit development phasing plan. The phasing plan shall ensure sustainable design requirements are met before final platting of any bonus units.