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Soil Erosion Prevention

Protecting our environment, especially our wetlands and lakes, is a job the City of Woodbury takes seriously. During development projects, city employees are working with the development community to prevent soil erosion caused by construction, including grading and landscaping of new development sites, installation of water and sewer utilities and paving of streets. Landscaping projects by homeowners can also be a source of soil erosion. If you are doing construction or landscaping, keep materials off the boulevards or streets so dirt and debris do not enter the storm sewer system. City ordinances exist that attempt to minimize pollution on our streets and in our storm sewers. The ordinances state that materials that are a potential pollutant cannot be placed in the street. Landscaping materials are the most common materials residents receive a citation for placing in the street.

The Public Works Department performs routine maintenance activities that decrease the impact of erosion. Streets are swept each spring and fall, and spot sweeping is done weekly, particularly in new subdivisions where construction is taking place.

The city has an ordinance to control excavating and grading by individuals and developers. If you aren't sure the work you are doing at home is extensive enough to require a permit, you should contact the Engineering Division at (651) 714-3593.