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Solar Power

Did you know?

  1. Solar PV has never been more affordable that it is right now.
  2. Federal, state, and utility incentives can bring the cost of a system down by more than half.
  3. Solar systems have no moving parts and will usually continue to operate after 30+ years.
  4. Solar currently powers 3,500 homes in Minnesota.
  5. Solar power is not the energy of the future, it is the energy of today!

Solar Energy Resources 

  • Solar Energy Basics
    Interested in learning more about solar energy? Gather the basics about solar energy such as photovoltaics, solar heating and solar lighting.
  • Small Solar Electric Systems: A MN Guide
    A Minnesotan's guide to using solar energy in their homes.
  • A consumer’s guide to buying a solar electric system
    On the fence about solar energy? Get the pros and cons of investing in a photovoltaic system, how to pick the right installer, how to fulfill permit requirements, how to get a net metering agreement and more!
  • Simple steps to solar fact sheet - residential or Simple steps to solar fact sheet - business and farm
    Take the confusion out of planning your residential solar energy project by following these six steps: Get educated, start planning, get bids, sign contract, install solar, and share your success!
  • Solar energy systems for small commercial businesses
    Small commercial businesses interested in investing in solar energy can learn more about the basic process for assessing opportunities and barriers to achieve installing a solar energy system. This document provides more information on enderstanding your options, assessing solar resources, assessing the commercial building and bidding and installing your solar energy system.
  • Community Solar Gardens 
    Community solar gardens are centrally located solar photovoltaic (PV) systems that are installed in sunny locations to provide solar energy to individual subscribers. These subscribers can get up to 120 percent of their annual electricity usage from the solar garden.

If you're interested in learning more about community solar gardens, check out the Fresh Energy Consumer-friendly Community Solar Pledge.

Find community solar gardens eligible for Woodbury residents on the Clean Energy Project Builder's website.

Incentives and Financing

Federal Funding and Incentives
  • Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit
  • Federal Business Energy Investment Tax Credit
  • Other federal programs and incentives
State Programs

Woodbury Programs

  • Woodbury Goes Green
  • *Residents interested incorporating solar power into their home are encouraged to check with their Home Owners Association on rules regarding solar panels as well as the City of Woodbury's design standards.


Utility Rebate Programs:

Companies and Consultants

  • Clean Energy Project Builder
    The Clean Energy Project Builder directory provides information on companies that will assist in planning, implementing and managing clean energy projects. Specific technologies can be searched such as: wind and solar services; engineering, operations, maintenance and legal services; geographic search of nearby companies; and find companies by service area, company age or completed project capacity.
  • Hiring a Renewable Energy Installer
    Find the right energy installer by asking the questions listed on the Clean Energy Project Builder website

Solar Power Hour

In 2015, Woodbury partnered with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association and the Grow Solar initiative to host a Solar Power Hour at City Hall. A video of the event can be viewed on the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission's website

Community Solar Garden Workshop

In October 2016, Woodbury partnered with Clean Energy Resource Teams to host a Community Solar Garden workshop at City Hall. A video of the event can be viewed on the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission's website.

Additional Resources

Find more information visit these websites: