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Surface Water Quality

Action 3: Adopt and report on measurable, publicly announced surface water improvement targets for water bodies.

The City of Woodbury and the three watershed districts with jurisdiction in the city, Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed District, South Washington Watershed District and Valley Branch Watershed District, all have adopted Surface Water Management Plans with goals for water bodies. The city has adopted numeric goals and reports the annual “lake grade” based on lake monitoring of the city lakes on the city website. The adopted goals should also be sufficient to address any impairments for lakes that are currently listed as impaired by the MPCA.

Action 4: Adopt a shoreland ordinance for all river and lake shoreland areas.

Chapter 24, Section 148 of the City Code, Shoreland Overlay District, provides regulations regarding shoreland areas. In addition to the MN DNR standard requirements, the City of Woodbury requires that 150 ft of riparian area from the OHWL of most city lakes be dedicated to the city at the time of development for use as parkland.