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Sustainability Idea List

Every Day Sustainability

  • Take the Minnesota Energy Challenge! By taking the Energy Challenge, you are agreeing to take steps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions - and saving money on your utility bills.
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Do It Green! Minnesota (formerly The Twin Cities Green Guide) is a guidebook that helps educate Minnesotans about green and sustainable living and building a healthy, local community. The website provides extensive information from the guidebook, and a Green Community Calendar for Minnesota.
  • is hosted by Consumers Union, the non-profit publisher of Consumer Reports. Greener was created to provide credible, in-depth information on green products, services, and lifestyles.
  • Living Green - MPCA offers tools, resources, and events for helping Minnesotans prevent pollution, build healthier communities and live more sustainable lives.

Energy Conservation

  • Energy Efficiency - ENERGY STAR Program - Information on how to save money through energy efficient products, practices, and DIY project for your home or your business.
Build or Remodel Sustainably