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Barbeque Grills

Every summer, barbecue grills reappear on the balconies and patios of multi-family dwellings for another season of outdoor cooking. The use and storage of solid fuel or propane cooking equipment on patios has resulted, however, in a number of fires in the state of Minnesota.

Many questions arise regarding the use of barbeques on decks, balconies and patios of multifamily homes. Woodbury Code of ordinance regulates the use as follows:

Section 8-3(c) The use of any igniting fluids is prohibited to kindle or maintain any open flame in barbecues on any balcony or patio which is attached to, or within 15 feet of, any townhouse, condominium or apartment building in which there are two or more separate living units on more than one level unless the separate living units each have their own private means of ingress and egress or unless the entire building and patio or balcony is constructed of noncombustible material such as concrete or masonry.

If you have any questions relating to the adoption of this or any other fire code issue, please contact the Woodbury Inspections Division at (651) 714-3543.