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Employment and Training

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Woodbury Fire/EMS is responsible for responding to life safety emergencies within Woodbury and is also responsible for public safety education and fire prevention program and is considered to be a combination department. This means the city uses a combination of full-time, part-time and paid-on-call employees to respond to calls for service.  

Paid-on-call firefighter/EMTs and on-call EMTs are are individuals who work a regular full-time job elsewhere and respond to emergencies when they are home. On-call employees are paid when they respond to fire, medical and emergency calls, and when they attend training and other required activities.

Paid training is provided to become certified by the state as Firefighter I, Firefighter II and Emergency Medical Technician. Firefighters also receive specialized training, as well as continuing education needed to maintain primary certification.

Woodbury Fire/EMS accepts applications year-round for paid-on-call firefighter/EMTs with hiring taking place in the spring. To qualify you must be at least 18 years of age, possess a valid Minnesota driver's license, and be able to respond to one of the fire stations within four minutes from your residence.

     Station 1 - Radio Drive Headquarters                      Station 2 - Upper Afton
     2100 Radio Drive                                                         6301 Upper Afton Road
     Station 3 - Thames                                                     Station 4 - Fox Run
     6975 Thames Road                                                     1275 Woodbury Drive

Paid-On-Call Firefighter/EMT Application

If you have any questions, contact Human Resources at (651) 714-3526 or email to