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Accessory Buildings Permits

Permits are required for accessory buildings larger than 200 square feet. For accessory buildings less than 200 square feet a permit is not required, but all applicable codes and requirements regarding accessory buildings must be followed.

Submit the completed Permit Application, one copy of the building plan, and a copy of the property survey showing placement of the accessory building. Plan review can take up to one week.

Each lot is allowed one garage, attached or detached.  Attached garages shall not be more than 1,000 square feet or 30 percent of the main floor area of the principal building, whichever is greater.  Setbacks for attached, and detached, garages shall be according to the zoning district regulations.

Miscellaneous structures
Swing sets, sandboxes, play structures, dog kennels, concrete slabs, and similar structures shall not be located closer than five feet from the side or rear property lines, and shall not be located within the front yard setback. Basketball hoops, hockey nets, and similar items may not be located on a public street.

Recreational facility
Recreational facility (e.g. Sport Court, Hockey Rink, Tennis Court)
Shall be set back at least five feet from the side and ten feet from the rear property lines.  Shall not be placed on drainage, utility or other easements.  Shall not be located in front of the principal structure. However, a recreation facility may be located in front of the principal building in the R-1 and R-2 districts, providing the minimum front yard setback to the primary building is 100 feet.  A chain link or non-opaque fence not exceeding ten feet in height shall be allowed to enclose a recreational facility containing concrete, asphalt or similar material. If such fence is used it shall be set back at least five feet from the side and ten feet from the rear property lines and may not be placed in front of the principal structure.


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