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Rules of the Trail

There is a City Ordinance granting pedestrians the right-of-way over all other traffic on the trails in Woodbury. This means if you are operating a bicycle, skate board, scooter or rollerblades and are going to overtake a walker or jogger, you need to be in control of your recreational device and sure that pedestrian knows you are there.

There is a 15 mph speed limit on City trails. It is relatively easy to get a bicycle or roller blades that fast, especially on down hill grades. Any faster is too fast when rounding a bend or on hills where there is limited visibility of the trail ahead.

These are the rules-of-the-road, or in this case, trails. Please slow down for walkers or joggers. If you are the walker or jogger, stay to the right on the trail, and don't let your group spread across the entire trail, which creates unsafe conditions for all users. And remember, the park curfew of dusk to 6 a.m. applies to the trails too.

It is unlawful for any person to ride or operate a self-propelled, electric powered, engine driven wheeled device on a city trail. This includes golf carts and motorized scooters of any kind.

Courtesy by all trail users will go a long way to make the trails enjoyable and safe for all users.