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Tamarack Nature Preserve

Field at Tamarack Nature PreserveThe Tamarack Nature Preserve is a 169-acre wetland surrounded by woodlands. This bog-like "rich fen" resulted from the last retreat of the glaciers in the region more than 10,000 years ago and is now home to one of the southernmost strands of tamarack trees in the state. 

The site boasts a great biodiversity of marsh plants, birds and other wild creatures, as well as floating hummocks. It not only provides important habitat for flora and fauna, but allows human visitors to immerse themselves in a reflective and restorative place that provides a deep connection to nature.

The preserve has two miles of trails over nearly flat topography, which winds through the wetland offering solitude and scenery. During the winter months, the trail is groomed for classical-style skiing only. It is suitable for beginners but provides a satisfying experience for all levels of skiers. There also is an outdoor pleasure ice rink for recreational ice skaters.

The parking lot is located at 1825 Tower Drive in Woodbury. Please note: The parking lot at the Tamarack Nature Preserve is currently closed. The park and trails remain open, and parking is available on the street. 

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