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Draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Comp Plan CoverThe city is currently in the process of updating the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and residents will have opportunities to provide input throughout the upcoming months as the 2040 Comprehensive Plan is finalized.

Currently, surrounding communities and impacted agencies are a six-month review period studying the draft plan. This comment process is expected to conclude prior to Jan. 31, 2019. From there, it will be submitted to the Metropolitan Council to review, ensuring it meets all Metropolitan Land Planning Act requirements, conforms to regional systems, is consistent with the 2040 Regional Development Framework and is compatible with the plans of adjacent jurisdictions. The city expects to put the 2040 Comprehensive Plan into effect in mid-2019.

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Public Input
The city values the input and ideas of its citizens and business owners. Updating the Comprehensive Plan is critical to the city's future success. Residents can sign up for the 2040 Comprehensive Plan list in the city's InTouch email notification system.

For more information on the Comprehensive Plan update, contact Karl Batalden, housing and economic development coordinator, at (651) 414-3438 or

Frequently asked Questions
See below for common questions regarding the draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan, or download a print-friendly version.

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