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Woodbury's Winter Medallion Hunt: Coin Quest 2021

Calling all wise, creative, adventure-seeking and puzzle-solving Woodbury residents! Woodbury’s Public Safety team members have secretly hidden three coins in Woodbury parks and we need your help finding them before the snow melts! Fortunately, Public Safety provided three creative clues for each hidden coin to help participants find them. Will you be one of the secret-solving seekers to decipher the provided clues, find the coin and redeem the prize? 

The three-week Woodbury Winter Medallion Hunt: Coin Quest will include three coins, one each week, that will be hidden in a Woodbury park. Clues to the hidden coins will be provided on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, beginning the week of Jan. 18, and running through the week of Feb. 1.

The individuals who find each Coin will receive: the original coin keepsake, $100 worth of gift cards to Woodbury businesses and each time a Coin is found a $100 will be given to a local non-profit in Woodbury. Thank you to the Woodbury Community Foundation for generously sponsoring the donation portion of each prize.

No registration is required and this activity is open to all Woodbury residents.
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Clue Information

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What to do when you find the Coin?

Coin #1 Clues: Released on Jan. 18---Coin found!

Coin #2 Clues: Released on Jan. 25

Coin #3 Clues: Released on Feb. 1