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Holiday Package Theft

Wreath and packages
With the tremendous increase in package deliveries during the winter holiday season, communities throughout the Twin Cities Metro have been affected by package thefts. The Woodbury Police Department is taking measures to reduce the number of package thefts that typically happen this time of year. Our Street Crimes Unite will be proactively placing bait packages at residential addresses in neighborhoods specifically targeted based on previous year's data of package thefts. Whether knowledge of bait packages acts as a deterrent for thieves or our officers apprehend the criminals, the goal of these efforts will be met.  

While we are making efforts to thwart package thieves, we ask residents to be proactive. Take step to guard yourself from package thefts by:
  • Bringing packages in immediately after delivery.
  • Having your packages shipped to work. 
  • Have a neighbor that's home during the delivery window secure the package. 
  • Ship to the management office if you live in an apartment. 
  • Use ship to store options when ordering. 
  • Ship to designated secure pickup locations.
  • In-home delivery service; i.e. Amazon key
  • Consider home security cameras, such as video door bell. 

Residents can also help curb the problem of package thefts by reporting suspicious activity. Look for things like vehicles following delivery trucks, or unfamiliar cars lurking in neighborhoods- especially if occupants of such cars are approaching homes. It only takes one phone call to police to identify a prolific package thief.