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K-9 Unit

Jason and Niko agility 3rd place

The Woodbury Police Department utilizes police canine (K-9) units for tracking of lost/missing persons, detecting drugs, searching buildings and apprehending suspects.

The four-legged officers assist the Police Department with patrol duties, and by protecting their partner and making community appearances at events such as Woodbury Days and Safety Camp.

The Police K-9 Unit is supported by funds from the Woodbury Public Safety Board, a non-profit organization that supports the Public Safety Department

Koins for K-9s Month
Koins for K-9s Month takes place November 20 through December 20 each year throughout Woodbury.  Eighty-nine collection boxes will be placed in Woodbury businesses to raise money for the Bruce Stafford Public Safety Legacy Fund with the purpose and mission to provide financial support for Woodbury Public Safety to purchase and train canine officers and equipment. 

The Bruce Stafford Public Safety Legacy Fund, established at the Woodbury Foundation, was created to honor Bruce Stafford, a 22 year veteran of the Woodbury Fire Department, a 35 year Paramedic with HealthEast and a First Responder with the St. Paul Saints Fan Service for 10 years. 

Last year, the first year of Koins for K-9s, it raised $2,000 to support the endowment. 
More information Bruce Stafford Public Safety Legacy Fund