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Neighborhood Watch

The Woodbury Police Department believes that a strong community is a safe community. Neighborhood Watch is an effort to organize individual neighborhoods within the framework of community building. Neighbors who know each other are much more likely to look after each other and take an active interest in their neighborhood.

Neighborhood Watch encourages people to meet their neighbors, make a commitment to each other and the neighborhood as a whole. It asks people to be informal guardians of their neighborhoods by watching what goes on in the area and reporting suspicious activity or persons to the police. Primarily, Neighborhood Watch encourages a stronger sense of community, bringing the neighborhood together and creating a natural atmosphere promoting crime prevention at the neighborhood level.

Organizing Neighborhood Watch is easy. Just get your neighbors together and involved! After that, it only requires two meetings a year to maintain an active watch group. If you would like to start a group in your area or if you have any questions about this, call the Woodbury Police Department at (651) 714-3600, or send an email to

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