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Police reports
Requests for a police report can be made through the citizen service request system or in person at Woodbury Public Safety, 2100 Radio Dr. It is helpful if you are able to provide us with as many details as possible (date, time, location or case number, if available) for faster retrieval of the report. We fill requests as quickly as we can. However, information on some reports may be private or confidential and therefore must be separated before copies can be released. 

Request a Police Report

Accident reports
The police department files an accident report with the State of Minnesota on all crashes that result in injury or death, or total property damage of $1,000 or more.   Accidents that occur on private property do not require a state accident report.   If you require a copy of the state accident report, please request one by following the link above.

Each driver is also required to complete the Minnesota Motor Vehicle Accident Report within 10 days of the incident.   The form can be obtained at Woodbury Public Safety at 2100 Radio Drive or by accessing the Driver and Vehicle Services website below.

State of Minnesota D VS

Request Ambulance Records