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Temporary Water Treatment Facility

At its Jan. 8, 2020, meeting, the Woodbury City Council took actions to expedite the construction of a temporary water treatment facility to treat three of the city’s six water wells currently exceeding water quality standards and guidelines for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). On Feb. 3, the Minnesota Department of Health gave verbal notification that a seventh well exceeded the health-based guidelines for PFAS and this well was immediately removed from service (official notice was received Feb. 21).

With the loss of seven water production wells, it is critical the City implement temporary water treatment as soon as possible to allow the City to meet peak water demands during the summer of 2020 and beyond until a long-term solution is determined and implemented. Without temporary water treatment, the City will not be able to reliably meet peak water demands.  

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Temporary Treatment Facility Site Plan
Temporary Treatment Facility Location MapThe temporary water treatment facility is being constructed on the northeast corner of Tower Drive and Valley Creek road 
over the existing parking lot. 
This parcel of property has been identified in the City’s current and past comprehensive plans as a site for a future water treatment facility. 3M and the State of Minnesota are funding construction of the temporary water treatment facility. View the site plan.

With the recent removal of the seventh well from service, the temporary treatment facility will measure approximately 9,500 square feet to meet the treatment needs for four of the impacted wells. A new watermain will be constructed to connect Well 17 to the facility. Learn more about the Well 17 Watermain Construction Project

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Learn more about long-term solutions on the 3M Settlement Website

Impacts on the Tamarack Nature Preserve

Temporary Treatment FacilityProtection of the existing park area, trees, and trail network were critical factors in locating the facility within the existing parking lot. Access to the park and trail network will be disturbed during construction but will be replaced. 

The parking needs for the trail network, park and adjacent preserve are being relocated to provide better access to the preserve amenities. The site plan includes 10 parking spaces, and street parking will remain available as an option for visitors. An additional 10 parking spaces could be made available should more parking needs be identified in the future.

To the east of the facility, within the circular driveway, a stormwater pond will be constructed to improve site stormwater management which is currently limited. With the addition of the stormwater pond, the site will meet the stormwater management requirements of the City and Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District.

Approximately 40 trees will be removed to facilitate construction of the temporary water treatment facility. A tree replacement plan will be created which meets the replacement ordinance. Eleven of these trees are Ash trees, which would be removed in the future under the City’s response to the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).      

Questions about this project can be directed to Utilities Manager Jim Westerman at or 651-714-3720.