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Woodbury's stormwater system includes catch basins, storm sewers, creeks, ponds, wetlands, lakes, lift stations and ditches to manage storm water run-off. The city improves, constructs and maintains these facilities as necessary to accommodate run-off. The stormwater system not only manages run-off originating within Woodbury, but also water from the cities of Afton, Lake Elmo, Maplewood and Oakdale. The city has primary responsibility for the construction and operation of the stormwater drainage system.

In addition to accommodating the quantity of storm water run-off (protecting residents from flooding), the storm water system also serves an important water quality function. The storm water system, depending upon its design and operation, can remove significant amounts of natural and man-made pollutants from the storm water. The city has implemented a number of practices to improve storm water quality. These include the establishment of storm water treatment ponds, sedimentation sumps within manholes, erosion control practices, and street sweeping programs.

Many of the procedures carried out by the city that can impact surface water and the storm water system are subject to review and approval of other regulatory agencies. These agencies include watershed districts, the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and United States Corps of Engineers.

Current System:
The city's stormwater drainage system currently includes:

  • 8 stormwater lift stations
  • 474 holding ponds/lakes/wetlands
  • 10,084 catch basins/manholes
  • 459 manhole sediment sumps
  • 195 miles of storm sewer lines

In addition to the city system, there are a significant number of private storm water drainage systems throughout Woodbury. These systems include many ponds which are privately constructed and maintained.

Residents are encouraged to contact the Public Works Department at (651) 714-3720 or the Environmental Division at (651) 714-3538 with any questions they may have regarding the system.