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Stormwater Ponds

The City of Woodbury is very fortunate to have lakes, wetlands and storm water ponds within the city. A total of 698 water bodies are currently counted as part of the surface water system in the city. Many of these are used for stormwater treatment. Urban development typically increases run-off due to the added impervious surfaces, such as roads and rooftops. For example, the total run-off from a one-acre parking lot is about 16 times that of an undeveloped meadow.

What is a Stormwater Pond?
Stormwater ponds are treatment ponds designed to improve water quality. Thick growths of algae or other nuisance aquatic plants in ponds and lakes typically come from various sources of pollution. Pollution sources could include:

  • Dust and dirt
  • Lawn clippings
  • Construction sediment
  • Oils, greases and automotive additives
  • Lawn-care products such as fertilizers or pesticides
  • Animal debris or waste
  • Wind-blown chemicals

As these materials enter into the stormwater system, they can have a detrimental effect on water quality, resulting in blue-green algae blooms or excess weed growth.

City Policy
Stormwater ponds are designed primarily for water quality treatment and flood control. Residents are prohibited from altering any aspect of a city owned and maintained storm water pond. Aesthetic issues on privately-owned ponds are the homeowner's responsibility.