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2021 Utility Rate Changes

The City Council approved 2021 utility rate increases. The Water and Sewer Utility Fund is being challenged by three factors: lower water demand due to successive cool and wet lawn watering seasons; the success of our water efficiency program, and an increase in infrastructure replacement activity. Therefore, water and city sewer fee increases are needed to help cover operational and renewal and replacement costs. 

Residential and commercial water rates increase in 2021 by 20 cents per thousand gallons. This increases the base water rate from $1.40 to $1.60 per thousand gallons. The administrative fixed fee for water increases by $2 per quarter. The commercial and homeowner association (HOA) irrigation rate increases from $2.95 to $3.18 per thousand gallons. The 2021 irrigation rate increase reflects the fifth step of a five-step increase plan approved by City Council in 2016.

The city’s portion of the sanitary sewer rate increases in 2021 by $1.13 from $28.12 to $29.25 per quarter. Also, the storm water rate for single-family homes/duplexes/twin homes will increase from $19.88 to $20.50 per quarter.