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Commercial Utility Rates

Water Rates

  • $4 per month administrative charge
  • $1.35 per thousand gallons for usage
Sanitary Sewer Rates*

City Sanitary Sewer

  • $10.14 per month for all commercial accounts
Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) Sewer

  • $9.18 minimum charge per month for the first 3,000 gallons used
  • $3.24 per thousand gallons for usage exceeding 3,000 gallons used
*Please note that commercial accounts are billed monthly.

Storm Water Rates
The rate for apartment, commercial, industrial, and institutional properties is determined by multiplying the residential monthly equivalent fee ($6.44) by the property's impervious area as determined by the site plan. A monthly minimum of $6.44 applies.

Minnesota Test Fee
This fee was established by the State of Minnesota and is collected for each connection to a municipal water utility. The state uses the funds to monitor and test drinking water quality. The fee is $0.53 per month.