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Indoor Field House

Indoor field house

The field house is designed to offer a variety of options for all turf sports and can be used for other activities that require a larger indoor space. The field house can be rented as a full or half field with the use of a divider curtain. The facility also features six drop-down cages for golfing, batting or pitching. The perimeter is ideal for walking or running, with four and one-half times around equaling one mile.

The temperature-controlled permanent structure uses a geothermal heating and cooling system that includes solar thermal panels. A storage garage is attached to the east side of the structure for outdoor field maintenance equipment and vehicles.  

FH_renderingField House Layout

The indoor field house measures approximately 235-by-365 feet total. The turf has markings for:

  • Soccer field (white lines): 330-by-210 feet
  • Women’s lacrosse field (blue lines): 330-by-210 feet
  • Men’s lacrosse field (yellow lines): 330-by-180 feet
  • Two half soccer fields (white lines): 210-by-150 feet
  • Two ball fields (white foul lines): 210-by-165 feet
    -Black tick marks at multiple distances for bases and pitching
  • Football field (green lines): 360-by-160 feet

View field house time availability

If you are interested in renting field house time, contact Dave Black at (651) 714-3740 or